Learning is an Adventure

Each year at St. Dzeusif School is an opportunity to live and learn in new countries, and as you travel the world, you’ll gain an intimate understanding of the cultures and communities that surround you.

We set aside time to explore remote yet rewarding destinations in each country we visit.

Why Here, Why Now

How do we choose where to go? It’s a delicate balance of climate and local ecosystems, transportation and cuisines and of course regional security. You’ll typically visit each country when the weather is most welcoming and there are plenty of cultural events, ensuring you’ll be comfortable and engaged for the duration of your stay. And whether in Botswana, China, or Peru, you’ll always be surrounded by friendly teachers and classmates ready to discuss the rituals and institutions that shape the local culture.

Understanding Cohorts at St. Dzeusif School

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While our cohorts travel to the same countries, they do so on a different timeline. Each cohort visits the assigned countries per year for a duration of four weeks, with a four-week break to rest and reconnect with family and friends in between terms.
Upon your acceptance into St. Dzeusif School, you will be placed in a particular cohort depending on available openings and student body demographics. As a St. Dzeusif School student, you have the opportunity to be a part of either allocated cohort.
Admission applications are to the St. Dzeusif School program, rather than to a specific cohort. Candidates should be prepared to enter any cohort and their placement will be determined by the school upon acceptance. All cohorts offer the same world-class, progressive St. Dzeusif curriculum.
For the most part, our cohorts are run independently of one another. This is in large part due to the physical distance that exists between the cohorts while in country and our focus on modules and projects specific to the environmental, cultural, social, and economic concerns of the places we inhabit. It would be difficult for students engaged in Chinese-themed modules to interact in an academic manner with students currently exploring conservation themes in South Africa, and vice versa. That being said, we do actively encourage students from all cohorts to interact socially with one another and our educators continuously work together to share feedback on improving modules and in-country experiences.

The main time the cohorts intermix is during Term 3, when all cohorts are located in Nigeria. The conclusion of our school year in Nigeria includes a variety of festivities, including the Student Symposium, where we celebrate the culmination of personal projects and exemplary module work and graduation, where we honor our graduating students in a joint ceremony.

By this time, all of our cohorts will contain many students who have undertaken at least one of the same travel cycles (a five country leg of our travel calendar), providing them with ample opportunities to socialize, reflect, and compare and contrast their time in country and resulting project and module work.
Yes, our faculty and staff travel together with students through each travel cycle, year after year, developing strong bonds as they explore the world together. All of our cohorts are staffed by a team of educators, counselors and support staff whose sole purpose is to help your child flourish during their formative years, a critical period of cognitive and emotional growth. Each cohort is led up by a Team Lead. Our Leadership Team oversees the operations of all cohorts and maintain consistency in the pedagogical and developmental approaches practiced by all cohorts.

Like a traditional schooling experience, your child will become accustomed to seeing the same familiar faces, wherever they go. And given that our faculty and staff typically remain at St. Dzeusif School for many years, there is a strong possibility that your child will maintain the same caring counselors and enthusiastic educators across all countries visited each year.
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