Tuition & Financial Aid

The cost of a International Education

St. Dzeusif School is committed to offering our unique model of education to all students regardless of their family’s financial status. We strongly encourage all interested and qualified students to apply.

Because diversity is at the core of our values, we don’t expect all families to cover student expenses at the same level. Instead, we base each student’s contribution on their family’s financial situation. During the admissions process, families are asked to submit a detailed application with supporting financial documentation, which helps us determine need.

100 % Term


International Education within your reach

  • Monthly, Term or Session Tuition Fee Payment Structure
  • Education & Resources
  • Room & Board
  • Excursions
  • Technology & Equipment
  • Texbooks, Consumable workbooks and stationery
  • School lunch during onsite education days
- 50 % Session


Offered based on the following conditions

  • Ability to pay the balance of school fees (less the bursary) in a single payment
  • The pupil applying is an exceptionally high-ability pupil
  • The pupil applying is hardworking, kind, generous and ambitious
  • The pupil applying will always study hard, hand-in coursework and homework by the due date
  • We will commit to staying at the school for at least 3 years
  • We will support the school with its promotion and marketing
  • Our household income is below £50,000 per annum
- 25 % Session


Offered based on the following conditions

  • Limited in number and are offered at the school’s discretion
  • There is no entitlement to parents
  • Only the strongest applications will succeed
  • Contractual agreement to maintaining or improving grades/performance
  • Reduction/removal and/or termination if circumstances change
  • Are not means-tested
  • Applications must be made no later than 30th November in the year preceding entry.


St. Dzeusif School is not a typical school, and we don’t have typical expenses. In addition to the costs for tuition, room and board, we also cover educational excursions, technology, a low faculty-to-student ratio and extensive support staff. Students and their families are responsible for covering the cost of local and international travel to and from each host location.

We are committed to making St. Dzeusif School a reality for outstanding young people who can flourish in a global, multicultural environment and make the most out of the unique opportunities our school offers.

Tuition operates on a sliding scale for accepted students who demonstrate a need for financial support. We encourage all interested prospective students, regardless of family income, to apply to St. Dzeusif School.
No, St. Dzeusif School isn’t free. However, it’s considerably more affordable than conventional independent and private school (c. half the fees). St. Dzeusif’s selective independent school has a balanced fee structure.
Classes at St. Dzeusif begin in September and end in July. You can start your application as soon as you are ready prior to your intended enrollment start date. Admissions are on a rolling basis.
Yes absolutely! Most St. Dzeusif parents are highly qualified working professionals who choose the school both for its academic rigor and the understanding it shows to their busy lifestyles. As a parent, you will not be required to intervene during your child’s classes or support their learning if your child is beyond Prep age 7 – 10 years. Online learning teaches children from an early age to become independent learners who are able to organise themselves and overcome issues with minimal supervision or instruction. Independent learners are what top universities and top employers are seeking. St. Dzeusif teachers deliver engaging, stimulating, and focused lessons that are easy to follow. As a result, students pay close attention to their lessons, stay on track, grow in confidence and succeed.

St. Dzeusif parents are able to work and live their lives without worrying about frequently checking in on their child. Once your child’s online classes end for the day they can join their school friends in over 20 extra-curricular clubs, allowing busy parents the time to continue working should the need arise.
Each student is given a St. Dzeusif School email address, and their devices are pre-loaded with Skype. Parents or guardians are encouraged to communicate regularly with their children and their teachers via Skype audio or video, and of course students are free to communicate with their friends however they wish.
If you’re considering making the transition from conventional schooling to online schooling for your child, please take a closer look at the school’s admissions process. Do please also view our term dates.

Should you wish to register your child or children, do complete the school’s application form.

St. Dzeusif School is widely considered the one of best selective online school in Nigeria. Consequently there are very limited school places available each year. It is wise for parents to plan ahead and join the school’s waiting list at their earliest convenience. Should a school place be required urgently then parents are advised to complete an enhanced application.
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