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You’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions below.

The qualification granted by St. Dzeusif upon graduation is a Cambridge qualifications (IGCSE/O' Level/A' Level) which are accepted and valued by leading universities and employers worldwide.

St. Dzeusif’s mission is to develop true citizens of the world, young people whose unique skills, values, knowledge, and experience will make them leaders and advocates in the multi-ethnic, multicultural, multilingual world of the 21st century.

Beyond stamps in their passports, trinkets and souvenirs, colorful stories, exotic food, lasting memories, and incredible experiences to write about in their university admission essays, our students create lifelong relationships with their peers both inside and outside the classroom. They build cultural literacy and the courage to think critically and challenge existing assumptions. When they graduate, they have mastered a collaborative and resilient approach to problem-solving and risk-taking that will help them thrive in a competitive and connected world.
St. Dzeusif students must have strong academic qualifications, but also the unique blend of curiosity, independence, and adaptability essential for world travel and global citizenship. Because students depend so much on one another to navigate unfamiliar places and experiences, a strong spirit of teamwork and collaboration is also important. These characteristics can be demonstrated in your admissions essays and interviews, and also through your record of proactive engagement with activities in and outside of school. It’s always best to apply early and to show your creativity on our unique online application.

No. All students are required to attend St. Dzeusif from the first day of the academic school year in September. The academic and social continuity from term to term is critical in carrying out our educational mission and building our school community.
No. Families are responsible for the punctual arrival of their children to each of our locations during the academic year. However, families can arrange for airline staff to accompany students during the entire flight and release them only to authorized St. Dzeusif staff members.

Families can rest assured that security is an essential consideration for St. Dzeusif School. However, one of the requirements of maintaining a good security program is to not discuss its details on a public website.
These deadlines are necessary to allow our onsite staff the appropriate lead time to organize airport transfer plans and any overnight accommodation arrangements close to the host location airport, if needed.

The notarized Parental Consents form is intended to protect your child during travel from unnecessary delays or questioning by foreign customs officials and/or airline employees – should such persons decide to question why the student is traveling without a parent or guardian. While this is not expected to occur in the regular course of travel, we don’t want your child to be unprepared if it does, as this could result in your child being denied entry to the host country.

The three original sets of notarized forms that we request are used as follows:

Student set – should be carried by the student at all times while traveling in case it is requested by airline personnel or immigration officers

Onsite set – will be maintained by St. Dzeusif onsite staff to be used in case of an emergency or to replace the student’s set if it is misplaced

Nigerian office set – will be maintained by St. Dzeusif remote staff to be used in case the onsite and student copies are misplaced.

It’s important to note that extra original sets may be necessary as embassies/consulates may retain original documents filed with visa applications.
Unfortunately, no one can guarantee visa issuance. St. Dzeusif consults with immigration attorneys in each location to ensure that the checklists and supporting documentation are compliant with the host country’s immigration laws and regulations; however, immigration laws and regulations are subject to change with little or no notice and visa issuance is at the full discretion of each host country consulate.

Please note that visa refusals or denials are rare, but they do sometimes occur. St Dzeusif does consult with immigration attorneys in each host location to ensure that students are applying for the most appropriate visa type and that the paperwork and guidance meets the appropriate requirements. Should your child receive a visa refusal or denial, you may select an immigration attorney of your choice for that host location.

If you prefer, we will also be more than happy to provide the contact information for our attorney in said host country, but please understand that St. Dzeusif will not cover the cost of attorney assistance in the event of a visa refusal or denial. Otherwise, St. Dzeusif will provide any and all assistance the immigration attorney deems necessary to file a new visa application, if permitted.

Is St. Dzeusif a British International School?

Yes, St. Dzeusif School offers Cambridge international GCSEs and A Level qualifications. The school provides a quality British online education to students. The time difference between the students’ home and UK time must be conducive to studying a UK timetable of LIVE lessons. The school requires that all students are wide awake and ready for learning

What Curriculum does St. Dzeusif School use?

St. Dzeusif School uses an independent hybrid British curriculum. As British education specialists, the faculty believe that the national curriculum is too prescriptive and subject to political turbulence. It also fails to cover curricular breadth and depth, which are imperative for the highest academic success.

The school’s Masters and Phd qualified subject specialist teachers have created an independent, well-rounded, hybrid and interdisciplinary curriculum that is free of the limitations of the national curriculum while retaining its important elements. The school’s track record reflects the success of a broader and deeper curriculum. By providing students a curricular advantage, top grades and a cherished place at top universities is achieved

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