An Educational Journey

Welcome to your Educational Journey, where your classroom has no borders and learning knows no bounds.

Imagine learning diplomacy by helping an indigenous tribe defend their land rights. Shooting and editing a video combining anthropological studies of traditional greetings from around the world with your first-hand observations. Or using data modeling techniques from your math class to synthesize information about sea urchins you collected while scuba diving.

At St. Dzeusif School, you don’t just learn about the world – you learn in it. By undertaking an international study trip every year you’re immersed in more history, geography, and culture in school than most people experience in a lifetime. Your travels and education blend seamlessly, creating an active and engaged learning experience unprecedented in any other school.

What Sets St. Dzeusif School Apart?

A St. Dzeusif School education combines an academically rigorous project-based learning curriculum, a competitive 10:1 student/faculty ratio, student-driven and technology-forward teaching philosophies, and integrated service learning to create a 360º educational experience that’s never limited to the classroom. Here, you’ll not only become an exceptional university candidate but also a true game-changer: someone who understands how the world works and has the courage and compassion to make it a better place.

We have based our curriculum on the most effective educational models from around the world and we believe in hiring the best teachers, giving them the freedom to design the most effective learning modules, and trusting students to guide their own education. The result? Students who don’t just excel academically, but enter the world with passion, curiosity, and a genuine love of learning.

An Education for Change

What happens when you build your curriculum around students instead of the other way around? You get learners who are active, engaged, curious, and driven…and outperform their traditionally-educated peers on global academic performance exams regardless of socioeconomic factors.

It’s not enough for you to simply understand the world. We want to equip you with the tools to make a difference, as well as the drive to do so. Every aspect of your education is designed to help you make sense of the cultural, historical, environmental, and socio-economic influences of the world around you—and the incredible impact that you can have. Through deep interaction with diverse cultures you’ll start to go beyond observation and into participation, doing your small part to help make lives better worldwide.

Our Educators Don’t Just Change Minds, they also Change Lives.

At St. Dzeusif School, we select the finest teachers from around the world. Hailing from backgrounds as diverse as our travels, these enthusiastic educators and born innovators have just one thing in common: a passion for guiding learning in a way that puts students first. You’ll never find our teachers droning on at the front of a classroom. Instead they plan and oversee multidisciplinary projects, act as sounding boards for student-designed projects, moderate discussions, suggest readings, assist with media production, lead adventure tours, critique essays, comment on blog posts, and introduce you to new apps and software, all with the goal of making you a thoughtful, well-rounded citizen of the world.

With a competitive student to faculty ratio of just 10:1, you’ll receive ample personal attention and opportunities to grow. Our educators provide you with the framework of a rigorous project-based learning curriculum, but we encourage you to pursue your passion projects and take your learning into your own hands. This is your education, and only you know how to get the most out of it.

  • Ready to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime?