The Admissions Process



Kenny White
Director of Admissions


  • Interviews 2
  • Quizzes 2
  • Duration 5.3 hours
  • Skill level Intermediate
  • Language English
  • Submit Records Yes
  • Assessments Yes
Enhanced Application

Our application process is designed to help you learn as much about St. Dzeusif School as we learn about you. Along the way, successful applicants will complete our online application for students and parents, interview with admissions staff, submit academic records and recommendations, complete diagnostic testing, and meet with St. Dzeusif School faculty.

Additionally, your child will submit an application form and personal statement to our school Principal via email to attaching their personal statement. There is a non-refundable administration fee of £20 GBP for each personal statement, payable for the submission of personal statements – click here to pay. Please explain why attending St. Dzeusif School is so important to you and why you are a good candidate for the school to select.

Late Joiner Policy

St. Dzeusif School generally only accepts students to start in September. This is due to the disruption to teaching and learning caused by students joining the school late in the academic year. However, in exceptional cases, the school may be prepared to accept late joiners. In such circumstances, parents must demonstrate their commitment to the school by paying the school fees for the remaining school terms and fees for the following academic year. There is an extremely high demand for the limited school places available each year and only the most committed parents are accepted.

Our ideal student, should have:
  • Parents who are active and supportive participants in our innovative school model and community
  • A strong community orientation, collaborative spirit, and positive attitude
  • A desire for an unconventional, progressive high school experience that engages global issues directly
  • A thirst for active, project-based learning that cultivates personal characteristics as much as academic success
  • Advanced written and oral English skills; English is our language of instruction
  • A commitment to improving themselves, their communities, and the world
  • A record reflecting a strong work ethic, drive for excellence, and self-motivation
  • Exceptional maturity, adaptability, and resilience in unfamiliar situations

The Application Process

  • First Level - Initial Application
    • Step 1. Student and Parent Questions
      60 minutes
    • Step 2. Most recent grade report
      10 minutes
    • Step 3. Emotional quotient questionnaire
      20 minutes
  • Second Level - Full Application and Testing
    • Step 1. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test
      90 minutes
    • Step 2. Character Strengths Assessment
      30 minutes
    • Step 3. Recommendation forms from your school counselor and English teacher
      20 minutes
  • Final Level - Faculty Interviews
    • Part 1. Video call with student to discuss educational and personal goals.
      30 minutes
    • Part 2. Meeting via video conference between parents and members of St. Dzeusif School faculty.
      60 minutes

Recruitment & Admissions

Kenny White
Director of Admissions

The Director of Admissions oversees the areas of new student recruitment, admissions, enrollment and orientation, as well as re-enrollment for continuing students. Meeting with prospective students, their parents and advisors from around the world. The Director is responsible for illustrating the details of our unique school model and identifying the distinctive candidates who will become new St. Dzeusif students.

Rasaq Alaba
Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

The Admissions Coordination is an admissions evaluation team member who coordinates the recruitment of new students to share in the experiences of learning from each other in order to grow into the best version of ourselves.



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