The Ideal Student

All children are different
and we like this

200 + students

St. Dzeusif School wants outstanding students and outstanding students, stand out. Children can stand out for good and bad reasons. How does your child stand out?

St. Dzeusif School is a highly desirable and successful school to join. This success is built on selecting successful pupils. Success can come in many forms of course. However, success is the product of hard work, talent, determination, dedication, resilience and support – we want to hear about your successes and what you think they say about you.

Our students are destined for great things, our PhD/MA/Msc qualified specialist teachers will do their best to help them get there.

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Learning as a way of life: We challenge, we embrace different perspectives, and we think creatively to build our future.


Embracing diversity: We’re open to new voices, viewpoints, and ideas, recognising there may be multiple solutions to any problem.


Challenging convention to find a better way: We use our initiative, drive, and resourcefulness to find answers and create real change.


Never compromising our high standards: Everything is done to the best of our ability and driven by a passion to achieve our goals.

What are you Destined for?

We like selecting students with goals and dreams. It is a huge advantage to have something tangible to shoot for! While the world is undoubtedly competitive we like to select winners with good character. Evidence your good character in your personal statement.

Thought Leadership
Change Makers
Personal Transformation

Where are you?

Should you apply to St. Dzeusif School?

Our students represent a diversity of states, languages, experiences, passions and talents. We don’t think children learn best when they’re tired so we want them bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to learn in our LIVE classes at 9 am UK time. So if you are in a timezone that makes this impossible or you’re thinking of substituting the classroom entirely for video learning then we’re not the school for you.

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St. Dzeusif Heritage

Behind every great school, there is a great story.