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Learning as a way of life: We challenge, we embrace different perspectives, and we think creatively to build our future.


Embracing diversity: We’re open to new voices, viewpoints, and ideas, recognising there may be multiple solutions to any problem.


Challenging convention to find a better way: We use our initiative, drive, and resourcefulness to find answers and create real change.


Never compromising our high standards: Everything is done to the best of our ability and driven by a passion to achieve our goals.

Dear Changemakers

My dedication to the highest standards and quest for academic excellence...

Set me on a journey to found St. Dzeusif School in a bid to accommodate students with an unquenchable curiosity and love of exploration.

The school operates on core values pulled from cultures around the world: from the Zulu ubuntu (to connect yourself to a greater whole) to the English empathy, from the Greek meraki (to pour all of your soul, creativity, and love into your work) to the Japanese kaizen (to continually improve while being self-aware, responsible, and disciplined).

As we go on this journey, it’d be thrilling to watch students apply these values to their lives... and to create their own. Today, I’m proud to say that we’re a unique school, and our students are some of the most intelligent and compassionate in the world.

Do you believe that education can mean more than knowledge? Do you yearn to travel the world, making a difference as you go? If this sounds like you (regardless of where you come from, or how much money your parents make). I encourage you with all my heart to apply.


Jo Ohioze

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